Hair Growth Inhibitor - Tincture

Hair Growth Inhibitor - Tincture

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Reduces hirsutism in as little as 8 weeks!

100% Plant-based formulation designed to lower the amount of androgens (male trait hormones) found in your body. We've blended the top phytoestrogenic plants like Black Cohosh with ingredients like White Peony, which is known to lower serum DHEA & testosterone levels.

Results of his harmonious formula may be seen in approximately 8 weeks as hormone levels adjust and hairs go through their normal growth cycle.

Use with the Hair Growth Inhibitor - Topical Balm for best results.

Directions: Take 1 dropperful in the morning before eating, and one in the evening before bed. Dropperful may also be added to a cup of warm water.

100% Organic Ingredients: grain alcohol, ganoderma lucidum, glycyrrhiza glabra, camellia sinensis, mentha spicata labiatae, actaea racemosa, vitex agnus-castus, paeonia lactiflora, foeniculum vulgare.

Not intended for use by: children under age 16, those on an existing hormone replacement regimen, anyone with breast or reproductive cancers, pregnant or nursing mothers.