Immediate Sleep Herbal Tincture

Immediate Sleep Herbal Tincture

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Our non-habit forming sleep aid is guaranteed to get you a full night’s rest fast. Our flower-rich botanical blend features chamomile and valerian root, two potent nervines. The hormone Melatonin has been linked to daytime grogginess, so we never use it in our formula.

Alleviates occasional sleeplessness, restlessness, and poor quality sleep due to stress, anxiety, or upset stomach.

Directions: Squeeze a full dropper under the tongue 2 hours before bedtime or squeeze dropper into a glass of water.

Ingredients: Spring water, grain alcohol, organic valerian root, chamomile flower, passionflower, succinum (amber), spearmint, licorice, ginger.

2 Fl. OZ (3-6 month supply)

Safety information: Do not operate heavy machinery while using this product. Stay close to home after ingesting. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Contains small amount of alcohol. Never use if pregnant or nursing a baby. Store away from direct sunlight. See your doctor if condition persists for more than two weeks.